Passionate about video and emotions it transmits, I decided to became a wedding videographer in 2015.

I love to capture the strength and emotions that emerge from a couple.

You are my inspiration. Telling your story and your wedding is always a unique adventure.


© Photography by Dorothée Buteau

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- Why having a wedding videographer? -

A film allows to dive directly into the atmosphere of this special day. Photography and video are two different and complementary approaches. One does not replace the other. The video is more immersive and will allow you to fully experience the moments of the wedding. Choosing a filmmaker will allow you to obtain a memory of another dimension, that the photo can not capture.

- What gear do you use? -

As a wedding videographer, I use a DSLR camera and high-end optics. Its small size and ergonomics make it a discreet work tool that can adapt to all situations. I also use a portable slider, a stabilized camera on 3 axes, three microphones for a perfect sound, and some other tools that will allow me to make a real film of cinematic quality. And because we are never safe from material worries, I always have a backup device with me, and I have set up a system of systematic multiple backups.

- How this service is organized? -

At least two preparation meetings will be made to define together your needs and the organization of your wedding. At the first meeting, we will define together your expectations and needs concerning the film of your wedding. We will see the outline of the day (number of guests, venue, date, stages of the day, important moments for you, etc ...). Following this appointment, I will provide you a personalized quote, covering all the elements seen together. As you approach your wedding, I will contact you to review your wishes for your film, as well as to get the detailed program of the day. And of course, during the whole period before your wedding, I remain available to discuss with you about the realization of this service.

- What about the wedding day? -

I will meet you at the time and place that we will have agreed together during the preparation meetings. Like the photographer, I will be close to you all day. My goal is to be as discreet as possible, and to be part of the decor. And nothing more! Everything will have been prepared beforehand, you just have to let yourself be carried by the events.

- When and how will we receive our film? -

Because transcribing the atmosphere of your wedding is really important to me, I do the post-production work in the weeks following your wedding. Thus, your films are delivered on average 60 days after the date of your wedding. Your films will be delivered by post, on a USB key contained in a beautiful box. You will be able to watch and record them on the media of your choice. As proposed by my formulas, and if you wish, the teaser of your day will also be available online, on the site Vimeo.com.